Hypnotherapy final 

Modern hypnotherapy is used in a variety of forms, such as:

     Age regression hypnotherapy

     Ericksonian hypnotherapy

     Fears and phobias

     Modalities modification


     Habit control

     Pain management

     Psychological therapy

     Skin disease

     Soothing anxious surgical patients

     Sports performance

     Weight loss

Hypnosis is a mental state  or imaginative role-enactment. It is usually induced by a procedure known as a hypnotic induction, which is commonly composed of a long series of preliminary instructions and suggestions. The hypnotism is used for therapeutic purposes "hypnotherapy".

Contrary to a popular misconception—that hypnosis is a form of unconsciousness resembling sleep—contemporary research suggests that hypnotic subjects are fully awake and are focusing attention, with a corresponding decrease in their peripheral awareness. Subjects also show an increased response to suggestions.

A state of physical relaxation accompanied and induced by mental concentration ("abstraction").

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis in psychotherapy.
Hypnosis may be used to treat depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep disorders, compulsive gaming, and posttraumatic stress, it is often applied to treat smoking and weight management.

A hypnotic trance is not therapeutic in and of itself, but specific suggestions and images fed in a trance can profoundly alter behavior. As rehearsed the new ways to think and feel, lays the groundwork for changes in future actions...

Hypnosis is successful treatment for habit change and amelioration of phobias. With dissociative disorders, smoking cessation, and insomnia and treating skin diseases with hypnosis has performed well in treating warts, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. Smokers who used hypnosis to quit smoking doubled their chances of success. 

Hypnosis may be useful as an adjunct therapy for weight loss combined with cognitive-behavioral therapy. In virtual gastric band the hypnosis instructs the stomach it is smaller than it really is and reduces alimentary habits.

Hypnotherapy is used in Past life regression to retrieve memories, especially those from early childhood or (alleged) past-lives.

Hypnosis pain management techniques and suggestion are used to reduce pain in childbirth 

A number of studies show that hypnosis can reduce the pain experienced during burn-wound debridement, bone marrow aspirations, and childbirth. Hypnosis relieves the pain in 75% 

Hypnosis is effective in reducing pain from cancer and other chronic conditions. Nausea and other symptoms related to incurable diseases may also be managed with hypnosis. In breast cancer surgery, nausea, and anxiety post-surgery, hypnosis reduces pain. The effects of hypnosis are greater reduction in pain.



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